I am outraged by the article titled ‘New policy for election vehicle imports’ in The Sunday Gleaner (October 9, Page A11).

Per the article, some time ago, the two major political parties granted themselves the privilege of importing vehicles at a much lower rate than offered to private citizens or businesses. Further, the privilege only applies to the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the People’s National Party (PNP), as the policy doesn’t cover ‘minor’ parties.

To a private citizen, this whole thing stinks of cronyism.

Why should these private political groups be treated differently from me, a citizen? The JLP and PNP should be using their private, donated funds to purchase the equipment they need for campaigning. They should pay the standard rates and duties to import their items.

This policy further highlights the almost criminal blurring of the lines between Government and party in Jamaica.

This policy should be discontinued immediately. One rule for everyone – cut out all these unfair and corrupt concessions and loopholes.

Marlon Johnson