Our Prime Minister is not directly elected by the people. Constitutionally, the Members of Parliament, as our representatives, pick one of their number to lead the management of our national affairs.

They tell the Governor General who the choice is, and she/he becomes PM. Time is now going to be wasted as Jamaica waits for a JLP party conference to first designate a Party Leader, who will then be de facto PM. That is certainly backwards and unconstitutional!

The current PM is toying with the Constitution by effectively allowing his party’s delegates to pick Jamaica’s new leader. This is a travesty. If the JLP decides to select the new PM (per Parliament’s choice) as leader in their party private activities, that is their business. But we shouldn’t all be held hostage by the JLP’s delegates.

Regarding Mr. Holness, there hasn’t been an investigative assessment in the press of his tenure as Minister of Education. From all indications, much has happened under his watch, and it would be good to learn more about his achievements and challenges there.

Similarly, there has not been much analysis of his work as Member of Parliament for West Central St. Andrew. TVJ and CVM-TV both visited his constituency for feedback from citizens. I do not want to base my assessment of his performance as MP on their reports, but I was dismayed at what I saw on screen.

Per our parliamentary system, Mr. Holness as PM will have virtually unlimited power in Jamaica. Even though he won’t really need to, I would hope to see some evidence that he can temper his approach and work with opposing MPs on national issues. Again, such evidence has not been presented, to my knowledge.

What will Mr. Holness do when faced with roadblocks to his agenda put up by members of his own party? It would be encouraging to hear about instances of fortitude when he has had faced down Members who were determined not to move his way.

At this time, Parliament’s House of Representives (the rightful body) must get together immediately to select a Prime Minister. That person goes to knock on the GG’s door, presents himself for swearing in and, baps, wi done.

Jamaica’s priority is on stability in Jamaica House, not on what happens on Belmont Road. For God’s sake, for Jamaica’s sake, pick a PM and get on with it. It ought to be a very simple process.

That’s the law.