Homosexuals have come increased great public fire of late, mostly so in the aftermath of US President Obama’s personal statement on their right to marriage. The local upsurge in public indignation caused me to think seriously about my own objections to the possibility of gay marriages. It’s a matter of heart versus head.

A democratic society is based on the principle of majority rule. Many constitutions speak of citizen’s rights to the pursuit of happiness. These hallowed documents also speak to freedom from religious, or other forms of, persecution. Finally, the matter of equal protection under the law is a predominant principle.

On the other hand, most (if not all) organized religions on Earth have serious sanctions against homosexual practice. It’s just wrong. No more arguments are needed.

So, in a world such as ours, how are we to stay true to the principle of a free society of individuals pursuing self -actualization, while holding fast to deeply held personal philosophies of wrong and right?